The Kingdom of Tyernas


My upcoming YA Fantasy novel, Everdream, takes place in a magical realm where dreams are real.  But it has another important setting, too—a backdrop to the dangerous magic of Everdream.  The Kingdom of Tyernas.  Here’s what I know about Tyernas so far.

Tyernas is a fictional medieval kingdom.  It is ruled by a hereditary king—Kedrych, Prince Kynan’s father.  He is supported by feudal lords, who in turn rule over provinces of Tyernas.  There is a marked difference between commoner and noble, but the common folk are decently cared for.

In Tyernas the climate, terrain, and history are much like northwestern Europe.  There are neighbouring kingdoms that at times serve as allies, and other times enemies, though Tyernas enjoys a strong place among the world powers.  It is a largely agrarian society, with some fishing along the coast and mining in the mountains for gemstones and metals.  Tyernas is famous for its smiths who create whitesteel blades with the near-magical substance whitefire.


Magic has a long and mysterious history in Tyernas.  Legends tell of the ancient Hynafol people who once ruled an empire and littered the countryside with monuments and roads.  It is said that all of them, from the highest to the low, used magic as easily as breathing.  Some think the Hynafol created Everdream, but no one knows for sure.  Although magic is no longer a part of everyday life, Everdream still exists, and those who know how to access it may do so freely.

It is from this mundane world of politics and resources, of grey stone and grey winters, that Kynan escapes into Everdream on a quest to find his mother, the queen.  And it is this world of Tyernas that informs all of his experience.


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