Have you ever read a book where you felt like you were actually living the story with the character? Have you read one where the character felt remote and lifeless? I can guarantee the reason for both is showing vs. telling.

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Are you descended from a refugee?  The answer might surprise you.

With Syrian refugees so prominent in the news right now—and such a hot topic for debate—it’s easy to think that refugees are a new thing for Canada.  But they’re really not.  In fact, it was a group of refugees, mainly, that made up the bulk of citizens in the newborn country of Canada.

Some of your ancestors may have made the perilous journey into Canada and stayed for months or even years in a squalid, disease-ridden, food-scarce camp.  Some of mine did.

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What would make a person want to sleep forever?

That’s the question Prince Kynan would risk his life to answer.  In Everdream, my young adult fantasy novel, the queen has been sleeping for ten years and her son has set out to rescue her.  But in the process he learns what sent her to the magical realm in the first place.

The idea for Queen Aderyn’s decade-long slumber had its source in my own struggles with mental illness.


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My current work in progress, a historical fiction, centres around a bit of an enigma: Ann MacLeod MacLean McIntyre Cass.

History only records her as a Loyalist widow, mother, and refugee, and her origin is in shadow.  But a story told by her descendants to my cousin may shed some light onto an unusual and incredible past.


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Everdream, my upcoming young adult fantasy novel, centres around a magical realm where dreams are real.  It’s pure imagination, but it has its roots in a real life video game.

Beautiful Realistic Minecraft Castle

My kids are obsessed with Minecraft.  They love the limitless possibilities, the raw creativity, the partnership, and even the danger.  Watching them play it, I can easily see how someone can get lost in it for hours.

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I’m blogging over on Redwood Park Communities today.  Come and join me.

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This is my current work in progress, a historical fiction based on the true story of Ann MacLean, a Scottish immigrant and Loyalist.  In this peek she meets someone who will play a brief but important role in her life.

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Everdream is finished now but here’s a look inside.  Prince Kynan is busy searching for his mother, lost for 10 years in the magic realm of Everdream.  In the process of finding her, he learns who she really is.

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This weekend I’m heading to Write Canada, a national writing conference put on by The Word Guild. But there’s just one problem. Like many writers, I am an introvert.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to be a loner. I love my quiet time. Me and a cup of tea alone with my MacBook — that’s my idea of a good time. But I can’t do that all the time. Sometimes I have to get out there into the big, wide, crowded world and meet people.

A writing conference can look scary to an introvert like me, but it can be more than a necessary evil. Here are some tips not just for surviving, but thriving at a writing conference.

Today I’m doing something a little different.  I’ve begun blogging over at Redwood Park Communities, the organization where I volunteer.

I’ll never forget my first intake interview at United House.

It was my birthday, a year and a half ago.  I had already been involved with Redwood Park Communities since the beginning, helping to gut the 80-year-old house, to insulate and paint the new apartments, and (my favourite part) to furnish and decorate each unique unit.  But this was significant because it was the beginning of my role as a family support worker.

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