Where Dreams are Real

Everdream, my upcoming young adult fantasy novel, centres around a magical realm where dreams are real.  It’s pure imagination, but it has its roots in a real life video game.

Beautiful Realistic Minecraft Castle

My kids are obsessed with Minecraft.  They love the limitless possibilities, the raw creativity, the partnership, and even the danger.  Watching them play it, I can easily see how someone can get lost in it for hours.

It got me thinking about a world very much like Minecraft, but on a larger scale.  What if you’re not just an observer, but a real participant in the game world?  What if your “skin” was a reflection of your truest self?  What if the things you make look real and not boxy and pixelated?  What if the danger is real?

Put all those things together, and you essentially have Everdream.

In Everdream, Dreamers can build anything out of sheer imagination and will in seconds.  They can conjure up food to eat.  They can meet other Dreamers, masked by a persona that hides their true identity.


But there’s a catch.  Everdream has been overrun by mythical beasts all bent on hunting down and killing Dreamers.  They are all dangerous, down to the most innocent-looking unicorn.  And they are attracted by the creative force needed to build.

In the centre of all this, Queen Aderyn of Tyernas has been kept prisoner for ten years.  Her son, Prince Kynan, will risk everything to set her free and prove his worth.

What do you think?  Would you face the dangers of Everdream to experience its wonders?

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