My True Love Story

Today's my 13th wedding anniversary.  I'm so grateful for every year we celebrate, especially given the state of marriage these days.  But it's much more personal than that. You see, we almost didn't make it. The first two years of our marriage nearly did us in, between my depression coming to a head and my… Continue reading My True Love Story


Friday Fact: The Bass Rock

When I was researching my book Legacy of Faith, the Bass Rock was an important part of John Mackilligen's story. He spent three years imprisoned on this barren island, along with many other Covenanters (illegal Presbyterians) at the time. The Rock itself is magnificent.  It's basically a cube of volcanic rock that rises steep-sided out… Continue reading Friday Fact: The Bass Rock


Why does family history matter?

While I've been working onmy wip about my family history, I've been thinking--what does it all matter?  Why do we care what dead ordinary people did centuries ago? I guess the answer for me is that in my mind they're not really dead.  The stories I have about my ancestors bring them to life in… Continue reading Why does family history matter?