Prince Kynan

My latest YA fantasy manuscript centres around a young prince, Kynan, the heir to the throne of his land of Tyernas.  Kynan embarks on a quest to rescue his mother from her ten-year slumber in the magical realm of Everdream.


In the Wake, there is nothing much to recommend him.  He is scrawny for his age of 15, brown haired and pale.  Though he has a court of youths who treat him with deference, he knows they secretly scorn him.  His father, the king, surely finds him a disappointment, as he keeps him from any kind of responsibility or risk.

But that is just the beginning of who Kynan is.  In Everdream he can be anything.  In Everdream he is his truest self.

When Kynan opens his eyes in Everdream, he is a giant of a man, black-haired and bearded, strong and fast and skilled.  He is dressed in armour head to toe, wielding a sword and shield.  He gives himself the name Mylir, after the legendary hero Mylir the Mighty.

But Kynan/Mylir has a lot to learn about Everdream, about fighting, and about himself.

He wants to prove himself in battle, but having never fought a battle, he doesn’t know the first thing about fighting when it counts.  He also lacks the wisdom to know when a battle should or shouldn’t be fought.


Rushing headlong toward the goal of his quest, he doesn’t stop to consider what obstacles he might face on the way in an unknown world where anything is possible.

But Kynan’s determination, though it can be a weakness, is also his greatest strength.  Where other men—older, stronger, and more experienced men have failed, he just might succeed.


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