The Mirror

In my novel Otherworld, I introduced a little object that has some significance for the main character, Emma Delaney—a small mirror.  Cale Kynsey gives it to her to show her some important things about herself.  But there are things we can learn from the mirror, too. Emma's mirror shows her three different reflections of herself:… Continue reading The Mirror


Uncovering the Stories of the Past

When I wrote Across the Deep, it took me a decade. A decade of sifting through the historical record and the treasure trove of letters and journals left to me and my cousins by my grandfather.  Every new thing I read brought these people to life in new and vibrant ways. You see, it's one… Continue reading Uncovering the Stories of the Past


An Otherworld

Do you ever feel like there's more than just this life? Like you're adrift in a dream—maybe even a nightmare—that someday has to end and that you'll wake up and everything will make sense?  As though no matter how you try to fit in to the world around you it doesn't quite work? Maybe I'm… Continue reading An Otherworld


Glengarry, my Home

  This past weekend I made a pilgrimage.  It's become an annual thing for us—to travel to the land of my forefathers and soak in the extravaganza of Scottish heritage that is the Glengarry Highland Games.  But this year is a special year.  This year marks the 200th anniversary of a different kind of pilgrimage.… Continue reading Glengarry, my Home


My Response to the Creation / Evolution Debate

I believe in Creation.  (gasp!)  I also didn't watch the Nye / Ham debate.  But I've seen a lot of stuff floating around Facebook and Twitter and I have a few things to say.Number one: I'm deeply saddened by the way both Creationists and Evolutionists have been treating each other.  The disparaging comments flying back… Continue reading My Response to the Creation / Evolution Debate


Tuesday Critique: Baptism

In this last excerpt from Sons of Alba, book 3: Son of Courage, Uilleam baptizes Kara. Will’s eyes were on her, flooding her with strength, as she shed her cloak and dipped a toe into the cold water.  It lapped around her bare foot, then her ankle, then the other.  Then her dress dragged into… Continue reading Tuesday Critique: Baptism


Tuesday Critique: Kara asks questions

In todays excerpt, Uilleam's new friend Kara quizzes him about his strange new faith. It was here she found Wilhjelmr, kneeling beside the pool.  In his reflection she could see his lips moving slightly, his eyes closed.  Was it simple fancy, or did the air around him seem brighter, somehow?  Though she walked quietly along… Continue reading Tuesday Critique: Kara asks questions