Zombies are all over the place.  On TV and in movies, in tongue-in-cheek apocalypse contingency plans, even silly cartoon versions in my son’s favourite computer games.  I frequently comment that I feel like a zombie after a particularly long day or bad sleep.

Ok, so I’m not looking to cannibalize anyone’s brains.  Don’t worry, I’m not that kind of zombie.  But I was thinking about it today.  What does a zombie do?  Wander brainlessly through life with a rather ignoble single purpose.

So am I a zombie?

I love a routine as much as (probably more than) the next girl.  I like how I can sail through a set of tasks mindlessly – especially first thing in the morning.  Routines can be a great tool to accomplish big things in life.

But what bothers me is the “mindless” part.  This morning I was thinking about my life the past few days.  Sometimes I feel like I’m just surviving life.  Just going through the daily motions.

I need to wake up from my zombie state.  I need to be more purposeful about what I’m doing and, more importantly, why I’m doing it.


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