Review: Hooked

I’m not a big fan of non-fiction.  Gasp!  Yes, I said it.  I know.  But every time I pick up a non-fiction book I feel something akin to the apprehension one must get on the way to a root canal.  Give me a story any day, please.
That being said, I do read a non-fiction book from time to time, because it’s important to keep learning about life, faith, marriage, parenting, and writer’s craft.  So I picked up Hooked by Les Edgerton when I was at the Write! Canada conference and slogged through it.
For non-fiction, it wasn’t so bad.  🙂  I found it helpful and informative, a bit repetitive at times, but that helps the message sink in.  Edgerton provided plenty of concrete examples from real writing, talking about what worked.
Hooked is a great start for self-taught writers like me who keep getting cryptic messages from their editors that say “show, don’t tell” or “too much backstory”.  Edgerton teaches how to craft a story’s beginning in our present day publishing world in order to catch an editor’s attention.
If you were reared on the classics and didn’t major in English, this is a valuable tool to ease you into the drastic changes in book style.  Worth a read, in my opinion.

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