To Eversleep…

What would make a person want to sleep forever? That's the question Prince Kynan would risk his life to answer.  In Everdream, my young adult fantasy novel, the queen has been sleeping for ten years and her son has set out to rescue her.  But in the process he learns what sent her to the magical… Continue reading To Eversleep…


Where Dreams are Real

Everdream, my upcoming young adult fantasy novel, centres around a magical realm where dreams are real.  It's pure imagination, but it has its roots in a real life video game. My kids are obsessed with Minecraft.  They love the limitless possibilities, the raw creativity, the partnership, and even the danger.  Watching them play it, I… Continue reading Where Dreams are Real


5 Ways to Build an Epic World

  If you’re writing a novel, you need a setting. If you’re writing a fantasy novel, your setting needs to be an epic world. Whether you’re writing fantasy, historical fiction, or even something in your own backyard, you need to immerse the reader in that world without drowning them. There are a lot of novels… Continue reading 5 Ways to Build an Epic World


Everdream: She is Lost

Here's another excerpt from my current work in progress, Everdream.  Let me know what you think! It always irked Kynan to answer his father’s summons, especially after they’d quarrelled—to bow low in obeisance and follow form when within he screamed to break loose and rage. Still, he knew his place, and he bowed though every… Continue reading Everdream: She is Lost