An Otherworld


Do you ever feel like there’s more than just this life?

Like you’re adrift in a dream—maybe even a nightmare—that someday has to end and that you’ll wake up and everything will make sense?  As though no matter how you try to fit in to the world around you it doesn’t quite work?

Maybe I’m alone in that feeling, but I suspect I’m not.


It’s what was in my head when I wrote Otherworld.  It’s the same longing that Emma Delaney feels day to day as she walks her street corner and wonders about her lost memories.  It’s the fascination that draws her toward Cale Kynsey and the answers he offers.


The truth is, I think we’re all longing for home.  A home we’ve never seen, where everything makes sense.  I think we’re all looking for something we never realized we lost.  I think it’s something beyond anything we’ve ever imagined.

Like Otherworld—Emma’s real home—where she lived as a princess and Cale’s beloved.  Where she was the regent of a beautiful land, before evil crept in and tore her away from her home.

I believe that home is not lost forever.  I believe I will ultimately return there.  I live like I’m home already, in some ways, always trying to bring a glimpse of that home to those around me.  The same way Cale teaches Emma to weave Otherworld back together.


That quote, from C. S. Lewis’ timeless book Mere Christianity, is perhaps the single most important reason why I wrote Otherworld.  It validates my longing for home.


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