Monday Motivation: Take Heart

Heard a great sermon yesterday about the stages of discipleship and it really applies to a lot of things, so I thought I’d share a bit of it here.

Are you the kind of person who sets out with great intentions and plenty of confidence, but once you realize your limitations you want to quit?  I usually am.


For me it’s writing – I feel inspired to write a story, start out with great expectations, but somewhere around the halfway point it snarls up and I spend days trying and waiting and wanting to give up.

But what I’ve learned from experience is that when I finally recognize that I can’t do it alone, that’s when God comes in and says “Hey, that’s okay – you weren’t supposed to.”

And when I pass that stage, when I rise out of that uphill climb, I look ahead and see it was all worth it.


So remember that – you, as you are right now, might not be able to do the things you feel called to do.  But if you ask, God will give you what you need.  And if you keep at what God has called you to do, you’ll come through the low points to a higher place than what you imagined possible.

4 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Take Heart”

  1. I agree. A strong faith from within can make the seemingly impossible do-able. It gives you the strength to pursue a solution instead of giving up.

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