Tuesday Critique: Fionnaghal prays

Here’s the latest excerpt from Sons of Alba, Book 2: Son of Redemption.  A short one today – hope you like it.  🙂


In the grey pre-dawn, under a cloudy sky, Fionnaghal crept outside to make water.  The baby – even in her own mind the admission still thrilled and terrified her – woke her earlier and oftener for this purpose.  She glanced out over the valley as though she might see riders returning, though she knew it to be impossible.  
Seumas was in her thoughts, as always, but nearer still this morning.  A tingling panic rose with insistent pressure within her.  Something felt terribly wrong.  Was it Seumas?  Did he hang in the balance at this very moment?  
Just as imagined fears threatened to engulf her completely, Fionnaghal let out a breath of surrender, along with a wordless prayer.  Seumas was in God’s hands, even as she was.  It was best she left him there.
No possibility remained that she might go back to sleep, so in the gloom she walked, and prayed.

As always, I’d love to hear your honest opinion.  And feel free to share your own if you’d like me to return the favour.  🙂

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Critique: Fionnaghal prays”

  1. Good thought to leave it in God’s hands. The same is true when you’re faced with death. Beautifully written excerpt.

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