Monday Motivation: Watching the Lightning

Last night our son came downstairs (when he was supposed to be sleeping) and interrupted our evening TV time to say we hadtohadtohadtolookoutthewindowrightnow!

Now it was a 50/50 chance whether we’d send him back upstairs and go on watching TV.  After all, our son is famous for drawing our attention to a million (in our opinion less-than-wonderful) wonders a day.  

But we didn’t.  We decided to see what he wanted to show us.  


I’m really glad we did.  The sky behind our house was a supernatural fireworks display, with lighting striking between neighbouring masses of purple-crimson and blue-white clouds.  The bolts struck every 3 seconds or so, in sheet flashes and spectacular forks and travelling rounds.  The three of us stood watching it until the storm moved on.  

It got me thinking.

How many amazing things do we miss out on when we stick to life as usual?  

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Funny thing is, the sermon at church was about this very thing yesterday morning – those moments where God’s timeless Kingdom breaks through into our everyday time-constrained lives and we experience a moment outside of time.  

The point is this: are we willing to take the time to watch the lightning?  Are we willing to let those God moments move us and change us?  Or will we walk blindly by?  

I want to be aware today.  How about you?

4 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Watching the Lightning”

  1. It’s hard to really stop and take the time to truly experience life at a slow pace. It’s so easy to either go with the flow and miss the extras OR zoom quickly past and skip out on the simple pleasures! Balance is an underrated necessity in this day and age, for sure. I am trying to spend my time focusing on what is truly important rather than getting stuck on a path that doesn’t allow me to relish in the ordinary and amazing. 🙂

  2. I LOVE watching the lightning! Glad to hear that your son does too : ) I feel like I’ve heard that sermon too…..something about “kairos” moments I think.

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