Monday Motivation: The Great Paralyzer

You know that big project you’ve got to tackle.


Maybe it’s a report, or a novel, or cleaning out your kids’ toy room.  We all have one.


You think about it and your palms start to sweat and you feel an unaccountable desire to wash your dishes, file that stack of papers, or get a root canal–anything but that one thing.


That’s fear.  The great paralyzer.


In your rational mind you know it can be done.  It won’t be nearly as painful as your emotions are making you think.  You’ve done it before and you can do it again.


The trick is to know what you’re up against.  Realize what the true problem is.  It’s not the project you have to do.  It’s your own fear that you won’t succeed.


So tell yourself you don’t have to be perfect.  Tell yourself that your best effort, no matter how you might fail, is still better than nothing at all.  Release the stranglehold that monster has on you and you might find you can do it after all.


Once I realized this as a teen my report card improved drastically.  I’m not saying I was fixed overnight, but it sure helped.  Hopefully it helps you too.

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