Writer Wednesday: Spice up your writing

There is nothing worse than reading a book and finding an overabundance of the same word.  I don’t just mean “and” and “the” here.  For example, an otherwise decent author I’ve read uses the word “cloying” at least once in every book, sometimes more.  (Please, if I ever do this, tell me.)


Words are like spices.  Use too little flavour and your writing will be bland.  Use too much of the same spice and you’ll turn your readers off.


So in the interests of creating some variety in our vocabulary, let’s try a little exercise.  Pull out your dictionary, or use an online version.  Now flip through and grab the first 5 random words you find.  Write them down on a post-it, and get working.  Either build a new piece out of these words, or if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, weave them into your next scene of your current work in progress.


Feel free to share the results!  🙂

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