Who am I, really?


When you introduce yourself to someone new, how do you describe yourself?  It’s likely you’d give your name, maybe your occupation, and possibly a personal connection.  My label is pretty much the same as my blog description.
But what happens to our identities if we strip away those labels?  What if I wasn’t an author?  What if my kids all move out (which they obviously will one day)?  What if I could no longer sing or draw?  What if I wasn’t my husband’s wife or my parents’ daughter?  What if I wasn’t “Erin”?  Would this rose by another name still smell as sweet?

I believe that each one of us has an essence, a soul, a core that remains intact no matter what happens to the surface.  If I lose those trappings that I call my identity, I will still be me.  I will still be a child of God.
Whether you’re navel-gazing or maybe working on some character development, try to get at the heart of who it is that you’re looking at.  And remember you are loved.

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