New Year’s is in January.  Duh.  But I’ve always marked my New Year at the beginning of school, even after I was long done school myself, even after I was done teaching.  My kids go to school, and it’s the biggest transition of the year in our house.

So, as usual, I’m full of high ideals for the coming year.  It’s time to evaluate and prioritize what I want to accomplish going forward.
1) First on my list I want to train our new puppy.  Everything else is kind of on hold until then.  🙂
2) I want to finish my work in progress before Christmas.  Then I want to get it published.
3) On the way to that goal, I want to resume a regular writing routine.  Even if it’s just an hour a day.  Even if it’s just 15 minutes.
4) I plan to work out a blogging schedule, so I’m not scrambling last minute for an idea.
5) I’m going to get serious about getting my books out there: I’d like to run my first contest and have a book signing.  (eek!)
I’ll revisit these goals and see where I’m at later.  What about you?  Do you have any goals for the “New Year”?