Canada’s First Refugee Camps

Are you descended from a refugee?  The answer might surprise you. With Syrian refugees so prominent in the news right now—and such a hot topic for debate—it's easy to think that refugees are a new thing for Canada.  But they're really not.  In fact, it was a group of refugees, mainly, that made up the… Continue reading Canada’s First Refugee Camps


To Eversleep…

What would make a person want to sleep forever? That's the question Prince Kynan would risk his life to answer.  In Everdream, my young adult fantasy novel, the queen has been sleeping for ten years and her son has set out to rescue her.  But in the process he learns what sent her to the magical… Continue reading To Eversleep…


Who is Ann MacLean?

My current work in progress, a historical fiction, centres around a bit of an enigma: Ann MacLeod MacLean McIntyre Cass. History only records her as a Loyalist widow, mother, and refugee, and her origin is in shadow.  But a story told by her descendants to my cousin may shed some light onto an unusual and incredible… Continue reading Who is Ann MacLean?


My Response to the Creation / Evolution Debate

I believe in Creation.  (gasp!)  I also didn't watch the Nye / Ham debate.  But I've seen a lot of stuff floating around Facebook and Twitter and I have a few things to say.Number one: I'm deeply saddened by the way both Creationists and Evolutionists have been treating each other.  The disparaging comments flying back… Continue reading My Response to the Creation / Evolution Debate