If you have a daughter, you know this song.  You’re probably singing it right now.  And if you’re anything like the millions of people who love all things Frozen, this song probably resonated with you.


There is something profound about the song, the moment in the movie when frightened, oppressed, crushed little Elsa blossoms and becomes the powerful snow queen. 

It makes me think about all the ways I’ve let fear control me: fear of what people will think, fear of failing to meet some self-imposed standard.  It makes me long to become what I was meant to be.  

When I told my husband this, he asked me: “What does letting go mean for you?”

I didn’t know the answer.  I still don’t.

But I am thinking about it.  And I encourage you to think about it, too.  

What was I made for?  What do I love to do?  What makes me feel most alive? Then go out and do it.

But just remember one warning: just like with Elsa in Frozen, we can’t just let go with abandon and forget about the world and our responsibilities.  We can’t isolate and live out our passions alone.  

So I need to figure out how to let go, just a little bit at a time, until I’m building my own ice palace, but leaving the fjord thawed, too.  🙂