Thursday Titles: Allegiant

This one was hot off the press when I snapped it up, eager to read the rest of Tris Prior’s story begun in Veronica Roth’s first two books, Divergent and Insurgent.  Wow!


Roth finished what she started and finished it well.  Taking up Tris’ tale and adding in a new perspective from Tobias, she continued to supply plenty of perfectly paced action, soul-searching dilemmas, and her hallmark plot twists.  Though like life the story doesn’t always go where the reader would like it to go, the plot line stays unforgivingly true to the characters and their next logical steps.  Kudos to Roth for not shying away from some tough moments.

Once again, I’m impressed by the author’s clean prose, which gets some pretty hefty themes across in simple, beautiful language.  The story has absolutely no wasted moments, and yet it feels complete at the end.  The characters are painted in realistic strokes, never heavy-handed, but utterly real.  Although the setting is alien to us, Roth manages to give the gist without time-wasting explanations.

I will be recommending this book and its two precedents enthusiastically to all, especially young adults.  Fantastic!

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