Nothing can be more motivating than having the right team behind you.  Working with a good group of people can open opportunities, provide strengths we may be lacking, and just offer support.

Plus, a team has the added benefit of giving an opportunity to help others, which makes the world a better place and keeps us focused on more than just ourselves.

But finding the right team can be easier said than done.  How do you go about gathering that group of people around you?

business teamwork - business men making a puzzle

Look where you already are.

You may be involved in a church or other place of worship, a social group, or even your informal coffee chat.  These can be places where you can look for new ways to draw support and give it in return.

Connect online.

I’ve found a number of great groups online for every kind of thing I’ve needed support for.  Ask some of your friends what groups they belong to.  Keep an eye out for other groups active in your field and hop on board.

Go to related places.

If you’re in need of a writer’s group, for example, check out the bulletin board at the library or book store.  If you’re looking for help with nutrition, check out pamphlets at the grocery store or doctor’s office.  Think creatively, and chances are the group you need has already thought of it.

Build your own.

If there isn’t already a group for what you need, make one.  Grab a couple of friends that share the same interests and needs and start up something.  You never know what might come out of it.


It’s super important to be connected with other people.  We aren’t made with to be a complete entity on our own.  If we don’t share our strengths and depend on the strengths of others, we’re just not living up to our full potential.

Feel free to share any ways you’ve found to get connected.