It’s almost time to start Nanowrimo again.  What is it, you ask?  National Novel Writing Month.  During November, over 300,000 people undertake to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days.

Here’s why I think anyone who’s ever thought about writing a novel should do this.


1. It’s a great reminder to write daily.

2. It’s a great way to finish what you start.

3. It’s a great accomplishment.  You can brag about it.

4. It’s not that hard.  Just over 1600 words per day.  It’s doable.

5. You can network with other writers in the same boat.

6. You get encouragement from mentors on the nano site.

7. You get free stuff if you finish.

8. No one judges you on what you write.  The focus is sheer output.

9. You find out what you’re capable of.

10.  You finish a novel.


If this sounds like something you’d like to do, check out for more information.  And if you do decide to nano, please add me as a writing buddy! 🙂