Mondays get such a bad rap.


How many status updates, tweets, and memes do you see  about how sad everyone is that it’s Monday.  But I’ve always quite liked Mondays, and here’s why.

Mondays are a Fresh Start

That is the main reason I love Mondays.  I do my weekly cleaning on Monday morning, after my husband goes back to work for the week and my kids go back to school (if it’s the school year).  I get to wipe clean all the weekend mess that’s accumulated.  No matter how things were the week before, I have a new chance to do something with this week, and Monday is the start of that.

Mondays mean the Return of Routine

I thrive on routine.  My husband is more of a seat-of-the-pants kind of guy.  It’s one of the things I love about him, and when he’s home I love our spontaneity.  But come Monday, I get back to my schedule and settle back into predictable life.  It feels natural to me, and safe, and just plain good.

Mondays Clear my Head

Although I’m far from a party animal, I finish the weekend exhausted and overwhelmed.  Monday is a chance for me to clear all that out, make some plans, and recharge.


Yep, I probably have things backwards from most people.  But maybe you’ve found something in this post that can help you if not love Mondays, at least get along with them.  🙂