Sons of Alba, Book 2: Son of Redemption is out!

If you’ve been reading along via my excerpts, you might be interested in picking this up on kindle.  It’s available for free until tomorrow, so snap up your copy!


In the land that would one day be called Scotland, the sons of three sisters find their place in the world …

Seumas, heir to all of his mother’s fire and his father’s charm, wants nothing more than to be a man, and it seems all of Alba conspires to hold him back.

Fionnaghal is a steady-minded girl, but where Seumas is concerned her heart outmatches her head.

When war erupts in Alba, Seumas plunges headlong into trouble, and Fionnaghal may be the only one to lead him back out.


If you haven’t read them, have a look at Book 1, and the prequel series Daughters of Alba.