In our fast-paced, task-oriented world, very often there’s something missing – something that could make all the difference in our productivity.  Resting.


I’m just as guilty of this as anyone – gobbling my lunch at the computer, moving from one task straight to the next, realizing at the end of a long day that I haven’t turned off my brain or got off my feet once.  No wonder I’m so exhausted!  And so unproductive.

This week I’ve got a rare kid-free week, with open stretches of days just beckoning me to get some work done that I’ve been unable to concentrate on since my kids finished school for the summer.  In some ways, getting the kids off to day camp this week is a rest in itself.

But I know I won’t be working at my best if I don’t also take care of myself.  So here’s a few things I’m going to do to make sure I’m at peak performance this week:

1. Eat lunch at the table.  Maybe with a book.

2. Transition between tasks with a glass of water and a little break.  (I might have to set a timer so I actually go back to work.)

3. Reward myself for goals accomplished with something that frees up my brain and relaxes me – reading a just-for-fun book, a mini yoga session, a dip in the pool (which I have yet to do this summer!)

There are lots of ways to give yourself a rest.  What things best rejuvenate you?  Try and pepper them throughout your day and see how much better you can work!