Monday Motivation: Finding your balance

We’ve all heard plenty about balancing our time.  But let’s face it: reality is we all bounce up and down like a yo-yo sometimes.


Have you done it?  Have you invested all your energy into one thing until you were spent, left exhausted with piles of neglected tasks?

There are many things that demand our attention – too many for the time in our days, unfortunately.  So how do we find that balance point between all three?  Here are some ways I came up with.


1. Cut out the time wasters.

Maybe it’s an unhealthy habit.  Maybe it’s just something that you don’t need in your life.  Put it this way: is it contributing to God’s kingdom, to your well-being, or to the well-being of someone else?  If not, then do you really need it?


2. Multitask.

If you like to watch TV in the evening, do a little couch-side work out during the commercials.  If you have a long wait at a doctor’s appointment, bring some important correspondence for the waiting room.  If you have a long commute to work, spend time praying or listening to an audio book.  There are plenty of ways to get the most out of “useless” time.


3. Make yourself a schedule.

Make sure you allot time for each of the important areas of your life.  Don’t let any one area take over the others.  Of course, circumstances may call for deviations from this schedule – it’s important to keep it fluid.  But take stock from time to time and make sure you’re not crowding out something important.


4. Get unbalanced.

There’s one area that shouldn’t move aside for anything else – faith.  Whether you’re focusing on eating, reading, working, playing, relating, or resting, your relationship with God should permeate everything.  If you’re “plugged in” to the Holy Spirit, you won’t get drained.


Hope these ideas help you 🙂


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