Super Mario Kids’ Room

Not my usual kind of blog fare, but I thought I’d share what I’ve been busy doing while I haven’t been blogging.  Check out the fun room I painted for my 11 year old son this past week!


When we shuffled rooms around before Christmas, poor Liam ended up in his little sister’s Princess room.  He was sweet and patient about the whole thing, but he commented that it would probably take me another 4 years to paint over the princesses.  Little did he know I’d already planned to do this while he was away for the weekend at my parents’.  <sneaky mom rubs her hands together>


While I was busy painting, my handy husband built these little boxes to my specs.  Not only do they fit in seamlessly with the mural, they keep little objects out of sight, which is critical since my boy is a bit of a junk collector.


Liam was completely surprisedand happy when he got home and saw his new room.  Now instead of saying it would be awkward when his friends came over, he declared they’d all be jealous.  🙂  <proud mom moment>

Actually I’ve had several grown men ask me to paint their rooms like this – to surprise their wives.  😉

7 thoughts on “Super Mario Kids’ Room”

    1. Hi Melissa, you can really make them any dimensions you want, according to the scale of the room. My husband made them out of pine shelving, measured to a square for the small box and double that square for the rectangular boxes. He cut the door to fit and attached it with standard hinges, then attached the boxes to the wall with a length of 1×2 that fits in the back of the box. I hope that helps.

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