Writer Wednesday: How to give your Character a problem

Let’s work a bit on characters and how they feed the plot.

Girls can do anything!

Every plot has a problem, right?  And every character, if the story is any good, grows through grappling with that problem.  So the best problem an author can create is one that is tailor-made for a character.


Ok, so right now, think of a character you might build a story around.  Think of the physical description, but don’t take too long on this.  Think of his/her idiosyncrasies, habits, and hangups.  Now think deeper.  How does your character most need to grow:  What are his/her greatest fears?  Worst flaws?  Areas of shallowness?


Now, take that growth need and you’ve got yourself a problem.  For example, if your character is afraid of commitment, put him/her in a situation where he/she is forced to commit.  If he/she is addicted to the approval of others, make something happen that takes that approval away.  Is something coming to you?  If you can get this one problem, then you have yourself the essence of an entire story.


Feel free to share what you’ve come up with.

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