In August, I introduced Jennie, and in September you read about William.  Now I’d like to present the third real-life character in my work in progress, Legacy of Faith.
John Mackilligen was a much earlier cousin of William and Jennie McKillican, but he was likely an inspiration to their faith.

The kirkyard in Alness, Ross, where John’s church once stood
John lived in the 17th century in Highland Scotland, entering a promising career as a Presbyterian minister.  But with the restoration of King Charles II to the throne, suddenly his faith was illegal.  Refusing to compromise his promise, John lived as a Covenanter, continuing to preach despite the risks of imprisonment and death.  He had to walk a thin line between the brutal Royalists on one side, and the equally brutal and overzealous Covenanters on the other.

The “Covenanters’ Stone” at Obsdale, Ross
Enjoy the beginning of John’s story, and let me know what you think.