One Universal Need

You are loved.

No, I really mean it.  You are loved.

Don’t we all want to know that?  To be totally known by someone else and still accepted and loved despite our flaws?


Just take a look at the millions of fairy tales and books and movies and songs through the centuries that address just this question.  Whole industries hinge on this one universal human need.
Ok, so we’ve heard it before.  We’ve read it, seen it, listened to it.  But we still want more.  Why?  Because there is not a single person who can fill that need.
We’re all flawed human beings in a broken world.  We’re incapable of loving like that.  We can’t even love ourselves like that!
You could spend your whole life looking for that kind of love in a person, in a book, in a pet.  But you won’t find it there.
There is only One who loves like that.  He’s the reason I wrote my book Otherworld.  He’s the reason I’ll keep writing.  One message . . .
You are loved.

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