5 cures for common apathy

Apathy.  My rainy day companion.  Well, if I’m being honest, sometimes my sunny day companion, too.
I don’t know why I keep letting that guy in.  He’s such a time-waster.  And I never feel good about myself when he’s been around.

So what do I do?  Here’s a bit of a brainstorm of ways to rise above apathy when it strikes.
Just do it.  Sometimes that’s all there is to it.  Sometimes I just have to drop the excuses, open up a file, and do it.
Set a timer.  Knowing there’s an end in sight is a powerful thing.  I commit to work steady for 15 minutes and give myself a little reward when that whistle blows.
Schedule.  Putting aside a certain time for work can help my body and mind get in gear automatically.  Before long, I’m cruising through my work.
Pat yourself on the back.  Some of my work is its own reward.  Some, not so much.  For these kinds I treat myself to a cup of tea or something like that.  Or even better, I share my work with someone who will always pat me on the back, like my parents or my husband.
Take stock.  This can be the most important.  All the other things are only bandaid solutions if this one isn’t applied.  Am I overcommitted?  Am I doing the thing I was made for?  Am I taking care of my health?  If I’m wasting my energy then I’m going to be apathetic no matter what I do, and eventually head for a meltdown.
So I got over my apathy today.  What works for you?

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