Where the Sea Meets Skye

Where the Sea Meets Skye



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Marine Biologist Celine takes a backpacking trip to Scotland to study the seals. She’s heard of the selkies before — mysterious beings who can transform at will from seals to people. She dismissed the stories, until she met a stranger on a Scottish beach who may be more than he seems.

“Sealed with a Kiss! Ms. Hatton skillfully weaves a romantic tale of loss and renewal that you won’t want to miss!”

Jacquie Rogers, Author

Ronan looked at her steadily.  There was no trace of whimsy in his words, nor was he simple-minded.  His dark eyes held a depth of wisdom she could not plumb with all her book-knowledge.

“Dinna dismiss what ye canna understand, Celine,” he said softly, with a voice like the mist that was rolling over the sea in serpentine shreds.  She found she couldn’t look away, drawn to him by some irresistible force.  A part of her rebelled – thought about the still-fresh pain of Jake’s betrayal.  But when Ronan reached out and clasped her fingers in his cool, smooth hand, she didn’t pull away.

“I want to show you something,” he said into the magic of the silence, not breaking his gaze from hers.  “Will ye come wi’ me?”

“Where?” she whispered, though her heart answered: Anywhere.


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