Holmwood House Stories

A Gift Unsought

A Christmas Regency Short Story


Barnes & Noble
Alethea Fenn has dreamed all her life of rising from a lowly maid to housekeeper one day.  For the first time, at Christmas, she has the chance to serve as lady’s maid to a visiting Marchioness, and her star seems to be on the rise.
But Pierce Rowland, the Marquess’s charming valet, seems bent on ruining her dreams forever with a love she never looked for, a gift unsought.


A Letter Unsent

A Valentine’s Day Regency Story





Barnes & Noble





Lady’s maid Alethea Fenn never expected to meet the love of her life at Christmas. Still less to move to a new house and marry him by Valentine’s Day. But Pierce was a gift unsought, and one she planned to cherish.  
Yet when her employer’s nephew with a rakish reputation threatens to break the heart of Alethea’s dear friend, her love for Pierce will be put to the test.  

Can their delicate future survive the secret of a letter unsent?


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