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A marriage in trouble. An accident on a snowy night. A husband facing death in the hospital – and a wife with life altering decisions to make.  Would she make the right decision?  They’d been through so much together. Although not the place she’d choose to spend Christmas eve, she couldn’t leave.

“Very deep emotions run in this book. An excellent soul searching read.”

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“Eve,” he amended, and smiled encouragingly, “you must be very overwhelmed at this point.  The doctors inform me that your husband’s case could go either way – that only time will tell?”

Eve nodded, her throat closing over reflexively.

“I am sure you have considered the contingencies, should . . .”

She nodded again.  “A thousand possibilities a second,” she said grimly, staring at the jumping green thread of Pete’s heartbeat on the monitor.

“Then perhaps it might be better to dwell on something else . . . the past maybe?”

Eve choked on the bitter laugh that rose, and covered the lapse with a delicate cough and a sip of water.

“Tell me about your story – how did you and Mr. Martin meet?”

Eve looked at Gabe in wide-eyed amazement for a long moment.  She hadn’t thought about that story for a long time.  How long had it been since they’d met . . . twelve years?  But Gabe looked on, waiting receptively, and she forced herself to meet the memory, head-on.


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